Safety valves
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Sale of safety valves (pressure relief valves) for industrial purposes. The workmanship and knowledge of the Paracchini brothers has been the foundation for complete ranges of very high quality valves.

Discover our safety valves now.

This type of valve is typically installed in plumbing, boiler and drainage systems, where its main purpose is preventing the system from being subjected to dangerous pressure levels.

These safety valves are also called pressure relief valves. They can be made from different materials, mainly bronze and stainless steel, with specific recommendations depending on the type of system in which they are to be installed.

080 - 07 - PN 16

Safety valve

080 - INOX

Safety Valve - Stainless Steel

084 - INOX

Safety Valve - Stainless Steel

090 PN6-16 CLASS150

Safety Valve

091 PN6-16 CLASS150

Safety Valve

086/M - PN 40

Safety Valve

082 - 07 - PN 16

Safety Valve

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