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Valve operation


The valves that allow only one direction of flow are called check valves. The check valves are used in hydraulics mounted on the outlet pipes of the circulation pumps, and allow adjustment of the direction of flow while avoiding backflow, that is, the rising of the liquid when the tap is closed.

There are several models of check valves:

- clapet for air chambers

- nozzles

- with counterweight closure for pumping systems

- membrane



Materials used and technical specifications


Rubinetterie Paracchini is a company based in Vercelli active for 50 years in the field of taps, a reference point for the national and international market.

The company offers its customers hydraulic material to purchase for the implementation of quality systems at competitive prices.

The company catalogue includes different models of valves made of different materials according to the intended use:

- bronze

- brass

made with plug and tap, and tubular bottom valves seated in rubber or metal.


The company specialises in the sale of mushroom-shaped clapet check valves, threaded ball valves, globe valves, ball valves, different types of fittings: pressure gauge fittings, flanged filters specifically produced by us for the petrochemical industry, shipbuilding and hydraulics, threaded bronze filter trade, flanged stopcocks.

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045 PN6 16 CLASS 150

Check valve

048 PN6 16 CLASS 150

Check valve

204 - PN 16

Check valve

206 - PN 10

Check valve

207 - PN 16 BRONZO

Check valve

208 - PN 10

Check valve

224 - PN 10

Check valve

225 - PN 10

Check valve

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