Rubinettere Paracchini counts on three important certifications: ICIM, IQNET and PASCAL.

ICIM Certification

ICIM, present in Italy and internationally since 1988, certified for Rubinetterie Paracchini the compliance of the quality management system with regulation ISO 9001:2000.
This certification confirms the company's ability to deliver products and services compliant with the contract requirements, according to a productivity model focused on customer centricity and attention to continuous improvement.

IQNet Certification

IQNET is the largest company management system certification network relating to quality, the environment and safety.
IQNet 9004 provides to interested companies a valuable tool to better assess the efficiency of their management system together with the suitability of the improvement actions taken.

The IQNet 9004 service is based on a valuation model prepared by taking into account the requirements of regulation ISO 9001:2000, guidelines ISO 9004: 2000 and specific IQNet requirements relating to activities not affected by the aforesaid standards such as Accounting, Finance and Risk Management.

Pascal Certification

PASCAL is dedicated to providing the certification of pressure equipment in accordance with Directive 97/23 known as PED.
This Directive 97/23/EC evaluates and certifies compliance, during design and construction, of all the equipment, factory assembled to constitute an integrated and functional whole, subject to a maximum allowable pressure greater than 0.5 relative bars.

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